Not getting along or feeling stuck? Relationship problems are very common and can be improved with counselling.

Welcome to our Relationship, Marriage and Couple Therapy Service.

Relationships can be a great source of fulfilment. When they are problematic we feel pain, disappointment, guilt, rejection or loneliness. If you are suffering because of relationship problems, counselling can help to show you healthier patterns of relating. We offer a professional, confidential and effective relationship therapy service. 

Relationship therapy will involve you and your partner working with a qualified therapist to identify any issues or problems in your relationship. Working together you will achieve a deeper understanding of each other and your relationship. You will work collectively to highlight strengths of your relationship and to create more positive ways of relating while challenging negative and destructive patterns.  

We can also provide Co-Counselling where you as the couple work with two counsellors to provide a unique model of interaction. Co-Counselling can provide added insight from having two therapists. 

Our relationship therapists work in Brighton and Hove, or Southwick. Relationship therapists work with couples experiencing a range of relationship concerns such as: break-ups, divorce, affairs, sexual difficulties, jealousy, commitment issues, poor communication, power imbalances, wedding/premarital counselling.

Psychosexual Therapy

As You Are Practice also provide psychosexual therapy to couples or individuals who are experiencing problems with intimacy or their sexual relationship.

Many individuals or couples experience difficulties in sexual relationships; this can leave them  feeling isolated or alone. People might feel fearful, self-conscious of their issue and suffer for months or even years without discussing their worries with anyone, even their partner.

With The As You Are Psychosexual service our specially trained therapists work with individuals or couples experiencing sexual difficulties.

What are the Benefits of Relationship Counselling?

• Feel satisfied and fulfilled within your relationship.

• Repairing and rebuilding relationship communication – managing conflict.

• Develop strategies and techniques that will help you to maintain a lasting relationship.

• Develop good communication to help you and your partner really understand each other.

• Explore how to prevent problems from destroying your relationship now or in the future.

• Help to clarify issues, identify where the main problems lie and agree what needs to change

• Supporting you in implementing and maintaining change.

• If separation is your chosen outcome, helping you manage the surrounding emotions and reach mutually acceptable agreements about the welfare of children or anyone else directly affected.

• Improved intimate and sexual relationship