Groups & Workshops: for people and professionals

At the As You Are Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice our Groups and Workshops are designed to inspire, enhance and promote positive change.

As You Are Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice has a wide-ranging training programme for therapists and other professionals. We pride ourselves on recruiting exceptional and professional trainers that deliver informative and accessible training events and workshops. We deliver groups and workshops during the year. 

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• Trainers are experts in their field, with extensive knowledge of their subject areas sharing knowledge in a meaningful way.
• Up-to-date, highly relevant and effective content.
• Diverse range of learning styles, interactive exercises and tutor presentations are combined toprovide a lively learning experience.
• Our approach is lively, interactive, friendly and reflective.
• Meet people from different organisations or backgrounds, and come together to share ideas.
• Designed to inspire, enhance and promote positive change.

We believe learning should be a stimulating, inspiring, lively, interactive and enjoyable experience. We often know more than we realise, and shared learning is the most effective way of developing skills, knowledge and understanding. For our current list of workshops please click HERE

Examples of recent Workshops:

• Psychopathology
• Understanding trauma
• Living with somebody who abuses alcohol or drugs
• Understanding male eating disorders

Fees start from £60 per person; we believe our workshops represent excellent value for money.

As You Are Inclusive and effective certificate in Relationship Therapy

Our unique and comprehensive Relationship Therapy Training Programme combines the skills and knowledge of 5 experienced therapists/ trainers. Working as a team over 6 weekends they will cover all aspects of working therapeutically with couples. Each weekend will provide you an opportunity to immerse yourself in theory and related practice ensuring you are working safely and effectively in this rewarding and exciting field.

Feedback REGARDING training

 The workshop hosted by As You Are was undoubtedly the most powerful counselling training course, I've ever attended. This course took the participants to the edges of our understanding of the human condition embracing psychology and neuroscience within the context of the deep mysteries of the human mind and social behaviours - a real leading edge course for counselling practitioners.

 This was an outstanding training day. I will take much of what I have learnt into my work with clients. 

The training has started to have a positive impact on my confidence, increased knowledge and awareness right from the start of the course and then throughout.  Some of the work around sexuality and sex was particularly valuable.

The course covered such a wide variety of issues and each weekend in itself was a valuable experience in its own right.  It was almost a course of 6 weekend workshops that held together on the theme of working with couples, yet topics that were also hugely helpful for work with individuals also.  From a personal perspective I particularly enjoyed the experiential weekend.  Much as I find triad work stressful it provided a really useful way of exploring what it is like to work with couples.


Our groups aim to offer a space to meet with others where you can share experiences, ideas, information and coping strategies. Some groups are free for other there will be a small charge 

• A safe and welcoming environment to share and discuss their experiences.
• Regular meetings with others to offer and receive mutual support.
• Information and advice.
• Gateways to support (e.g. counselling, other therapies and support groups). 

Current Groups 

• Anger management
• Self esteem
• Eating Disorders Peer Support Group


If you would like further information about our groups and workshops, or to book your place please contact us by telephone, email or by using our contact form. 

You can also speak with our receptionist or talk to your therapist.